Fundexa.NET works with listed and early stage technology companies to engage with investors around the world. Part of Fundexa Corporation, network partners at Fundexa.NET specialise in targeting relevant investor groups in key investment hubs including London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney among others, and introducing exciting early stage (Series A) and emerging companies (through to pre-IPO) to these and other investment centres for new ventures including Berlin and Milan in Eurpoe and San Francisco in the US. Through Fundexa.NET, startups can also find professionals based in major VC hubs who can make "warm introductions" to VC funds. Central to the service is the Fund Finder web app - with thousands of VC funds and other investor contacts. Let us know how we can help, or register on the free FUNDEXA Fund Finder app to get started.


Key Contacts: 


Bill Kemmery, Managing Partner - Fundexa Corporation


Fundexa Corporation (FUNDEXA)


Fundexa Corporation has developed a corporate access service ("FUNDEXA"). FUNDEXA utilises financial technology to help clients engage with investors. We provide "warm introductions" to VC funds for startups as well as increase investor engagement for publicly listed companies through managed roadshow programs around the world. FUNDEXA increases the corporate access capabilities of companies by connecting them with experienced investor relations professionals and allowing them to reach new funds and institutions anywhere. We make corporate access easy, anywhere in the world. And listed companies can book single day, single market investor meetings program or an extended, multi-city roadshow in the same time and with the same effort.